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In Riccione you can find different types of hotels: four-, three-, two- and one-star hotels, guesthouses and cheap hotels; you can also find offers and promotions to find the hotel which suits your requirements the most.

The symbol of hospitality, Riccione was one of the first resorts of the Riviera Romagnola to start dealing with tourist accommodation. Since then, hotels in Riccione have welcomed tourists offering them high-quality services and trying to meet even their most demanding requirements.

Beautiful and luxury four-star hotels in Riccione and comfortable and well-kept three-star guesthouses give guests the opportunity to enjoy comfort and a wide variety of services ranging from swimming pools and gyms to beauty centres and state-of-the-art technologies, such as Internet connection and pay TV.

There are many hotels which are designed to host families with children offering entertainment or baby-care, as well as special offers and affordable packages.

Young people can enjoy the hotel + disco package or the special offers included in the hotel + funfairs packages.