The residences Bellaria offer families or groups of friends interesting and comfortable opportunities to spend a holiday along the Adriatic Coast.
Some residences overlook the sea and are provided with large balconies, equipped kitchens and 3, 4 or more beds. Who decides to spend a holiday at a residence Bellaria will have the opportunity to enjoy the privacy of an intimate flat situated near the sea, as well as the most famous clubs and main services the city offers, and will be pampered by an highly qualified staff.
All residences are provided with car parks, laundries, ironing rooms and common spaces provided with entertainment for children. It is possible to stay at luxury 3-star residences or at cheap 1- or 2-star residences to enjoy the fun possibilities the Riviera offers and take advantage of special discounts to enter theme parks, bathing establishments, restaurants and fitness centres. Paradise! The Residence Paradiso, is situated in a strategic position, 150 meters distant from the sea and 150 meters from the center of the town.
Acquario Vacanze Bellaria
Via Panzini, 7 - Bellaria
Agency Adriatica from 1977 offers holiday safe in your home by the sea in Bellaria Igea Marina! Find out where you will spend your next holiday in Bellaria Igea Marina!...
Agenzia Adriatica
Viale Pinzon, 14 - Bellaria