Animals welcome 2 offers!

A holiday with your dog, cat, or ...... Your pets are always welcome.
Many hotels along the Riviera Romagnola are able to welcome your pets as well, offering them hospitality, suitable spaces and customized services. From boarding kennels and catteries to campsites, hotels and beaches that accept pets and offer affordable packages and specific discounts you can easily find below.

The Riviera Romagnola is very active in the campaign against pets abandoned in the summer, a matter which sadly involves thousands of dogs every year. Today many hotels and several bathing establishments are pledged to guarantee not only their guests but also their pets a well-earned holiday. The programme is aimed at the constant improvement of hospitality and accommodation facilities, at a greater attention to conditions of health and hygiene and at the achievement of a correct equilibrium between guests and pets, respecting the needs of both, in order to guarantee maximum well-being and qualified assistance.
Some accommodation facilities offer pens of various dimensions, suitable for dogs of all sizes, which are clean and constantly supervised.
This area, rich in green parks, countryside to be explored, routes for strolls alongside rivers and in the hills very close to the coast, are particularly suitable for both pets and their owners.
Enchanting natural sceneries provide a perfect setting for your holidays along the Riviera Romagnola with your pets.