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Valverde di Cesenatico: hotels, guesthouses, inns

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In Valverde di Cesenatico you can find different types of hotels: four-, three-, two- and one-star hotels, guesthouses and cheap hotels; you can also find offers and promotions to find the hotel which suits your requirements the most.

Hotels in Valverde di Cesenatico are situated in the most lively area of this small centre, along the narrow coastal strip which overlooks the Adriatic Sea.

Numerous 3-star hotels offer families utmost comfort and high-quality services, cheap guesthouses are designed to host young people flocking here and hotels with swimming pool offer guests the possibility to relax while their children play in total safety.

The hotel + excursions packages propose interesting excursions in the hinterland, while the hotel + funfairs packages give tourists the possibility to enjoy the numerous parks of the Riviera Romagnola at reduced prices.