Spas and wellbeing 1 offers!

Spa establishments are situated very close to the sea, offering spa therapies, wellness programmes and beauty treatments. With their excellent position, the wellness centres and spa resorts of the Riviera Romagnola allow the beneficial effects of the marine climate, sun, sea and sand to be combined.
If you'd like your holiday in Romagna to include wellness and relaxation for your body and mind, the spa centres of Rimini, Riccione, Cervia and Punta Marina offer high-quality professional solutions.
Find the best offers and spa or wellness packages that the hotels in Rimini and along the Adriatic Coast can offer you for your wellness holidays.
The spa establishments of Emilia Romagna are situated in places of great interest, immersed in history, nature and culture. Spa treatments are ideal for our psychophysical equilibrium, and are effectively considered to be valid medical treatments. Spa waters take medicine back to its origins, where patients were persons first and foremost, exploiting the therapeutic properties of a precious natural heritage.
The sea, pinewood forests, tree-lined parks and ancient saltworks make Romagna's spa establishments ideal natural havens for treatments, relaxation and leisure.
Seaside spa resorts like Rimini, Riccione, Cervia and Punta Marina ensure a perfect blend of holidays with treatment and health.
The considerable progress made in the field of spa medicine, achieved with a greater study and application of the specific properties of these waters with important mineral components, ensure that spa treatments are a beneficial and often irreplaceable resource not only for prevention, treatment and physical rehabilitation, but also an effective natural means of relaxation.
The spa establishments of the area have excellent facilities with the most modern and sophisticated equipment available, in surroundings that stimulate the emotions.
Increasingly specific programmes are offered for all health problems and to satisfy the need for well-being and relaxation, together with personalized wellness packages for a weekend break or a weeklong holiday of health and restful leisure.
The beneficial fragrances, vapours, light and atmosphere of the spa establishments become unforgettable sensations, places to which it is impossible not to return.