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San Giuliano Mare is situated beyond the Rimini's Basin and is an ancient village which has maintained its original structure and has developed along the sea front which today is rich in accommodation facilities designed to host guests during summer.

The ancient Village of San Giuliano, whose beauty and originality were repeatedly outlined by Federico Fellini, its most famous inhabitant, is characterized by small colourful and charming houses, by murals and by the ancient ponte di Tiberio dating back to 21 A.D., which connects the village to the centre of Rimini.

The beach of San Giuliano Mare is situated in a small cove and is the ideal place to relax and have fun thanks to the work of the bathing attendants who operate equipped bathing establishments and offer several services and activities.

After a day spent on the beach you can have dinner in one of the famous fish restaurants situated along the sea front, in the lively via Ortigara, or walk up to the ancient village rich in traditional trattorias and inns.

From the beach or the sea front it is possible to reach the Basin, the new tourist harbour in the city which is often considered to be one the most beautiful and modern in the Adriatic Sea. In summer the area surrounding the Basin and the sea front livens up thanks to festivals, concerts and shows which attract visitors.   


Monday 30 March 2020

Cloudy days

Temperature Min.:7 - Max.:11
Wind from East-northeast 5.61 km/h - Max.:5.61 km/h
Precipitations n.d.
Pressure 1013 hPa

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Cloudy days

Temperature Min.:6 - Max.:8
Wind from Northeast 6.46 km/h - Max.:6.46 km/h
Precipitations n.d.
Pressure 1021 hPa

Wednesday 01 April 2020

Cloudless days

Temperature Min.:3 - Max.:9
Wind from East-northeast 5 km/h - Max.:5 km/h
Precipitations n.d.
Pressure 1022 hPa

Thursday 02 April 2020

Cloudless days

Temperature Min.:4 - Max.:10
Wind from East-northeast 4.31 km/h - Max.:4.31 km/h
Precipitations n.d.
Pressure 1016 hPa

Friday 03 April 2020

Cloudless days

Temperature Min.:6 - Max.:12
Wind from East-northeast 2.87 km/h - Max.:2.87 km/h
Precipitations n.d.
Pressure 1016 hPa

Saturday 04 April 2020

Partially cloudy days

Temperature Min.:8 - Max.:13
Wind from East-northeast 4.33 km/h - Max.:4.33 km/h
Precipitations n.d.
Pressure 1024 hPa