Events, concerts and shows

The Romagna Rivera is a hotbed of every type of event throughout the span of the entire year, with a particular concentration on the span of the summer season. It’s an always-active volcano and one that is always ready to churn out new ideas that are often forerunners to trends. From super concerts at the 105 Stadium to theatrical shows in the cities of Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica, from the “Notte Rosa” (Pink Nights) to sports events, to exhibitions, to the countless moments of entertainment for all ages and tastes. Also, don’t miss out on the festivals and folklore fairs that enliven the inland area, re-enacting popular age-old traditions. For the most important events, the hotel offers particularly convenient price packages with additional ad hoc services that will make your stay on the Romagna Riviera even more enjoyable and engaging.
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