Pink night

A special night to stay awake and arouse both senses and mind while enjoying exciting feelings and emotions: this is Pink Night, the so-called New Year's Day of the Italian summer.

A night when the whole of the Adriatic Coast of the Emilia Romagna region, from the Lidos of Comacchio to Cattolica, stays awake to celebrate itself, its proverbial tourist accommodation and the traditional warm hospitality and kindness which are able to win over visitors flocking there year after year.

A frame of mind which expresses itself through the pink colour of femininity and lets beaches, night clubs, restaurants, bars, pubs, museums and the whole of the seaside resorts of the Riviera lead tourists through an outstandig voyage of discovery from dusk to dawn.

The great event features concerts, pink settings, exhibitions, theme meetings and menus and a wide range of fun opportunities designed to entertain both adults and children. Unquestioned protagonists of the evening will be music, art, culture and a nice entertainment including games, balls, meetings and relax.

Not to be missed are the wonderful pink fireworks which light more than 100 kilometres of coast in an outstanding pyrotechnic display starting on the stroke of midnight.
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