Christmas and New Year's Eve at the Riviera

Besides being a traditional summer resort, the Riviera Romagnola is the ideal destination for those looking for exciting emotions 365 days a year. On New Year’s Day, Rimini, Riccione, Milano Marittima and the most beautiful and lively resorts of the Riviera Romagnola welcome large numbers of visitors who decide to spend their winter holidays there visiting charming cities, attending night clubs and enjoying outstanding fun opportunities.
Spend your New Year’s Day in Rimini or along the Riviera di Romagna; these areas offer plenty of fun opportunities, cultural events and food and wine festivals attended by VIPs and other important personalities. Not to be missed is the great New Year’s Day show taking place in front of the Grand Hotel in Rimini Marina Centro; even this year it will be broadcast live by RAI 1 all over Italy.
Spend your New Year’s Day in one of the best hotels and residences situated in Rimini or along the Riviera Romagnola: here are special offers and packages which are able to suit even the most demanding requirements, ranging from bed & breakfasts to hotels providing full board accommodation and New Year’s Eve dinner. Take advantage of the updated last minute offers numerous hotels situated along the Riviera Romagnola display on Adria.Net

Spend your New Year’s Day in Rimini, Riccione, Bellaria Igea Marina, Cesenatico or other resorts in Romagna to make the most of the flavours and colours this evocative seascape offers during winter and enjoy an outstanding holiday.
Experience a charming atmosphere which is different from the main clichés... be pampered by hotels offering tasty dishes, relaxation areas, games, parties and the possibility to spend an unforgettable New Year’s Day in Rimini...

Celebrate New Year’s Day in Riccione, Rimini or one of the beautiful resorts of the Riviera Romagnola.
Plenty of parties will be held in the most exclusive discos in Riccione, Rimini and Milano Marittima; disco pubs, beer houses, clubs, music and entertainment will make your New Year’s Day there a lively and exciting one.
Display the different proposals by hotels, guesthouses, residences and bed and breakfasts and book the package which suits your requirements the most at an hotel situated in Riccione, Rimini or along the Riviera Romagnola.
Display all last minute offers posted on our portal; you can find cheap packages (provided with special agreements to enter the most glamorous discos) to spend an unforgettable New Year’s Day in Riccione or Rimini.
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