Convenient vacations? Try the 2-star hotels in Bellaria

Discover how much you can save thanks to the 2 star hotels in Bellaria, affordable hotels for people looking for the right price for their holiday without having to give up on comfort.  These hotels are a guarantee for those looking for quality at an affordable price, making them the right solution for people with a small budget. 
If you want to spend a completely relaxing holiday, just a few steps from the Adriatic Sea, the Hotel Antonella awaits you with all the friendliness and hospitality typical of...
Hotel Antonella
Via Aquileia, 5 - Bellaria
Prices starting from
€ 40
Hotel Ristoro is situated in a modern building in a quiet area directly by the sea.
Hotel Ristoro
Via Dalmazia, 13 - Bellaria
Prices starting from
€ 35