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You can find charming photos and a list of all the events and shows you can join in the Province of Rimini.

Like Viserba, Viserbella has developed as a seaside resort of the Riviera Adriatica since the 1960s and today it is the ideal destination for people looking for a relaxing holiday at the seaside near the more glamorous beaches of Rimini and Riccione.

The sandy beach which gradually slopes down the sea is the ideal place both for children, who can play and swim, and for adults looking for sport and fun thanks to the services offered by the bathing establishments.

The Rimini's city centre, fair and conference centre are easily accessible by special buses running night and day.

Viserbella is a cheaper alternative for young people who want to go to the most popular clubs of the Riviera. Along the sea front there are restaurants, pubs and shops open until late; the night bus blu-line leads to the most famous discos in Rimini and Riccione. 


Thursday 29 July 2021

Cloudless days

Temperature Min.:21 - Max.:30
Wind from Northeast 6.14 km/h - Max.:6.14 km/h
Precipitations n.d.
Pressure 1012 hPa

Friday 30 July 2021

Cloudless days

Temperature Min.:22 - Max.:33
Wind from Northeast 4.02 km/h - Max.:4.02 km/h
Precipitations n.d.
Pressure 1010 hPa

Saturday 31 July 2021

Cloudless days

Temperature Min.:24 - Max.:33
Wind from East-northeast 4.76 km/h - Max.:4.76 km/h
Precipitations n.d.
Pressure 1007 hPa

Sunday 01 August 2021

Cloudy days - Isolated rains

Temperature Min.:22 - Max.:32
Wind from West 10.87 km/h - Max.:10.87 km/h
Precipitations 0.23 mm
Pressure 1006 hPa

Monday 02 August 2021

Cloudless days

Temperature Min.:20 - Max.:31
Wind from West-southwest 6.71 km/h - Max.:6.71 km/h
Precipitations n.d.
Pressure 1012 hPa

Tuesday 03 August 2021

Cloudy days - Isolated rains

Temperature Min.:20 - Max.:30
Wind from Southeast 5.18 km/h - Max.:5.18 km/h
Precipitations 0.49 mm
Pressure 1009 hPa