Information on vacations in Igea Marina

Information on vacations in Igea Marina

Information and booking your holiday in Igea Marina: hotels, guesthouses, apartments, residences and campsite
We'll help you find your hotel in Igea Marina and Bellaria: 2, 3 and 4-star hotels and budget guesthouses. There are also lots of different types of residences and tourist apartments, campsites and restaurants for your stay in Igea Marina at any time of the year.
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All the events and shows in the Province of Rimini so that you always have something to do.

Igea Marina, combined in a single municipality with Bellaria since 1956, started life as a seaside resort about a century ago, with a strong vocation for hospitality, and it still continues to improve year after year, welcoming guests attracted by its seven kilometres of fine sandy beaches.

Igea Marina was founded by Vittorio Belli (1870–1953), a Rimini doctor who came from a long line of farmers and merchants. In the early years of the 20th century, Belli designed a holiday village located on the sandy dunes between the mouth of the River Uso and Torre Pedrera, with a rational layout and set in a pine grove that he created himself by planting thousands of pine seeds. He named his village "Igea" after the daughter of Asclepius, the God of Healing.

Igea Marina grew as a result of the great expansion enjoyed by the holiday industry in Romagna in those early years, when the affluent upper classes from northern Italy came to the area's coast attracted by the therapeutic virtues of its air and water, and by the fashion for sea-bathing that was becoming established on the fine sandy beach.

Beach, Sport and Entertainment
Igea Marina's pride and joy is quite definitely its splendid sea, shallow and very safe, and its clean beach with many services. Over the last few years, beach centres have become increasingly better organized, now offering numerous facilities for children, sport and entertainment. Apart from classic beach sports like boules and beach volleyball, innovations now include beach tennis and beach soccer, together with acquaym exercises complete with music, gentle gymnastics for senior citizens and Caribbean line dancing.
Not to be missed is "Becky Bay", directly on the beach, offering excellent music and high-quality events every weekend, and always with free admission!
Nearby there are several theme parks that are easy to reach, like Mirabilandia and Aquafan, plus countless other opportunities for leisure and entertainment by day and by night. Igea Marina is the ideal holiday destination for all the family.

Town, Nature and Events
The charming pedestrianized town centre, with its historical Viale Ennio and the elegant Via Ovidio, is ideal for relaxing strolls in an area with flowerbeds and lawns that add style to the many shop windows. Igea Marina, together with Bellaria, is distinguished by the great attention devoted to the environment and to a natural equilibrium between relaxation and entertainment. Every year the town hosts a wide variety of events, like the highly original "Bellaria Igea Marina Beach Golf Tournament" held in March, and the "Anteprima Bellaria Film Festival", with screenings and other events linked with the Italian independent film world, held in June. Of great importance is "Pink Night", the long all-night festival lasting from dusk to dawn, pink for love and romance, with special events, shops open all night and fireworks in a thousand shades of pink. Theatre, shows, street markets and special events for children ensure a lively atmosphere in this town the whole year round.

Countryside and Fine Food
Very close to Igea Marina there are places with a precious treasure of art and history, mediaeval villages and castles among the hills, which can also be reached on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, in a panorama of gardens, orchards and farmhouses often transformed into restaurants offering traditional gourmet specialities and excellent local wines.